Membership Information

Membership in the Rotary Club of Toledo is by invitation.

What are the qualifications for membership?

A prospective member must be a person of good character with a good business, professional, or community reputation and also be one of the following:

    • A current or former professional, proprietor, executive, manager, or community leader
    • Committed to service with a record of personal involvement
    • A Rotary Foundation alumnus

Attendance: Rotarians should attend weekly meetings of their club.

Proposing new members: It is a privilege and obligation of every Rotarian to propose new members.

Service to communities: To promote the ideal of service, every Rotarian should be active on the committee of their choice or appointed by the President of the Club.

Payment of dues: Dues are payable semi-annually and it is your responsibility to pay them promptly.

Support the Toledo rotary Foundation nd Rotary International Foundation: Each member is expected to contribute annually to the Toledo Rotary Foundation and RI Foundation.

Benefits and Privileges as a Rotarian

  • Making the acquaintance of people one ought to know.
  • Genuine, wholesome good fellowship.
  • Developing true and helpful friendships.
  • Enlightened as to work, problems and successes of others.
  • Education in methods that increase efficiency.
  • Stimulation of your desires to be of service.
  • Business returns that come from enlarging your acquaintances and inspiring confidence in you and in your business.
  • Fellowship with those of like ideals.
  • Unique opportunities to serve your community, improve your vocation, and promote international friendship.
  • Broad acquaintance with those in other businesses and professions.
  • Participation in stimulating programs at weekly meetings.
  • To meet other Rotarians when attending other Rotary Clubs.

The invitation process begins with ascertaining that a suitable classification, reflecting the occupation of the proposed member, if independently employed, or the occupation of the proposed members employer is open. If this is not the case, club procedures provide for a classification proposal to be submitted by a member to the classification committee. This committee reviews the proposed classification and forwards its recommendation to the Club’s Board of Directors for final action. If approved, the new open classification is publicly announced and membership proposals to fill the open classification are invited. Once opened, classifications remain open for one year.

We ask the sponsor to:

  1. Make certain that the prospective member is the owner, partner, officer, or manager of their business or professional organization.
  2. Complete the application form, providing information that permits an assessment of whether the prospect promises to be a good Rotarian.
  3. Find another Rotarian who knows the prospect to second the proposal.

The application for membership is sent to the Membership Committee for review and recommendation. The committee submits its recommendation to the Board of Directors. If approved, the proposal is published in The Spoke. If there are no objections (as provided in our by-laws) the Club invites the proposed member to attend an information meeting at which the privileges and responsibilities of Rotary membership are explained and the proposed member is formally invited to join the club.

At this meeting, the proposed member is given an informational form. Submission of the completed form together with the admission fee constitutes acceptance of the membership invitation and, thus, membership in the Rotary Club of Toledo.

New members of the Rotary Club of Toledo are introduced at a weekly Rotary meeting.